Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salsa Hat For The Hungry Jack

Being interested in cooking I thought I am a little creative. You might have a same view like me. But this is quite amazing! Look at the insight pictures to get the idea of how to make Salsa Hat.

At first sight you can say it’s a geek idea to have hats made with food. Sometimes little changes make a great difference; or great innovation better to say. We make bread daily and playing with dough is not a big issue. But how beautifully one can design the bread? Ask Julia Segal how she loves to enjoy salsa.....and the answer is, with the hat on the go! Just a single hat and pack your entire meal while moving, have a bite whenever you like.

This creation seems to be one actual presentation of wearable food/edible dress photography. Only one problem – we can’t have it hot fresh from the oven and you know why! Anyway hope you enjoy this funny stuff.



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