Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Concept Of Edible Dresses by Yeonju Sung

Recently Korea has been in the top headlines for its alarming situation, war and violence throughout the nation. Take a break; this fresh-from-the-brain peculiar clothing concept is also the outcome of Korean creativity.

Yeonju Sung is a fine artist who lives and works to give shape to her colourful dreams. Photography is her passion which serves as a medium to create her visions. The concept of "Wearable Foods" is a series, started two years ago and not yet finished- a sketch idea of how pretty dresses can be if made out of lotus roots, spring onion, tomato, eggplant, eggs, shrimp, chickens or any of our edible items.

In my words, this is a mirage between reality and made-up reality. What you can see here is not what you are thinking. Because these are visual representation of her imagination, not actual clothes you can wear. So stop wondering what will happen when hungry fellow comes in your way!

But, I can’t help admiring Yeonju's spectacular images that make one enchanted by her made-up reality.


  1. Fascinating! Who would have thought? Edible dresses...but so pretty!

  2. Yes,that's the beauty of imagination! :)



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