Monday, October 6, 2008

Malladeria Vest: cryptic but fantastic!

Better, we should add a prefix and name it “the Mystic Malladeria Vest”. And we must praise the photographer as well, for placing an owl along with the dress, which heightens its obscure look. Not many designers can imagine a vest being so craftily decorative, but Kaytee Papusza can.

Being inspired by the chaos, dead stuff, antiques and mysterious places, this young designer finally comes up with some unusual pieces. And do you know, what’s the stuff that makes it extraordinary? Malladeria vest is made of suede cotton with faux fur (that one can hardly guess as imitation) decorated on the front part. Hand-woven belt closure is the charm of this vest. The ruffled-trim of black tulle fabric and triangular cut at the back gives it a wild tribal look. With a high price of $250, this designer vest is available in three dark shades- black, gray and teal. What’s your choice buddy?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Charming Princess Leia on your chest

When it’s the matter of cool fashion, nothing can be more comfortable than a T-shirt. Specially, if your T-shirt features something very attractive like this. I know, you’ll do no wrong in recognizing this beautiful lady.

Yeah, you got it right! This is Princess Leia from ‘Return of the Jedi’ in her most iconic golden bikini. And unfortunately, if you don’t know, I must tell you that this appearance of Princess Leia has been voted as one of the most memorable swimsuit moments in the history of cinema. As always, on the white shirt she looks charming, strong and unique! We can say that this is a tribute to the famous fictional character. The print looks like an artistic portrait with a classic charm to display. I got it from peepculture and hope you’ll love it too. I am sure; you can hardly wait to go for one. Am I wrong?


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