Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The lustrous beauty of Swarovski bracelet

Look at the stunning beauty!!!
There is something magical about Swarovski crystal that attracts young and old all alike. Few pieces of this precious gemstone can turn anything into an aristocratic accessory. Isn’t this beautiful bracelet a perfect example of it? Sheeny and sensational- this crystal bracelet has got a stunning look with silver tone carved-designs at intervals. Bicone Swarovski crystal and clear AB are all that this jewelry is made of. And if you give it a closer look, the beautiful rainbow-hue is reflected on the crystals by multi-colored stones at the middle. It’s perfectly flexible to fit into any wrist-size.
That’s great I think. Genuine Swarovski has a price of its own and this beautiful piece is available in 24.99 USD at etsy.


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