Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Yesterday my friend called me, wishing – “Happy Thanksgiving Day”. Then I realized tomorrow is a great day for celebration, food, get-together, music and lots of fun. Wow! Being an Indian we don’t have any holiday for Thanksgiving Day. So I have little knowledge about it. But who doesn’t love the idea of get- together with the whole family, and doesn’t want the delicious turkey recipes, stuffed sweet potatoes, cakes & chocolates?

But my friends and cousins staying abroad are enjoying a lot..... lucky! Everytime they used to send me so many photos (which makes me feel jealous). This time I’m going to send mine too (look above)!

How is it? Am I looking gorgeous? Hahahaha.........
So what's your super plan this time?????


  1. looks wonderfu1! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Xo Marie

  2. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! In Malaysia, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But I have a Malaysian friend who recently returned from the USA and she insisted that we celebrate it too. So yeah, a bunch of us are getting together this Saturday. :) Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too!

  3. Extremly sorry for the horrifying drawing.... Hahaha. If want to celebrate something it doesn't matter where you are. So have fun. :)

  4. yep that looks about right! turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes! really cute drawing!
    now its all leftovers!

  5. Yes Lynn, all leftover b'coz i m eating alone.

    Thanx dear frinds for your kind words....



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