Monday, November 8, 2010

Save Money On Skincare: Tips You Can Use

Skincare is so much important not just to look good, but also to prevent it from ageing early. In our daily life we are exposed to many things – dust particles, flying grease, strong lights, sunrays and even our dirty palms at times - that can harm the delicate face. and to keep it in good condition we spend money without a second thought. But if we take care this can be reduced without spoiling the skin. Here are tips you can keep in mind while buying beauty products.

1. Use multi-tasking products
You must be using a variety of skincare products daily. I mean cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, serum etc. Even if you choose the cheaper one in each, combined together they can make an utterly surprising high price. Don’t worry. Consider something that can replace many if not all. New “all-in-ones” can get you moisturized, sun-protected, anti-aged, and even-complexioned in a single cream. Also available in a nice range of prices, from Olay's Total Effects 7-in-1 line to splurges from La Mer. In this way you not only save money, but valuable time as well.

2. Choose cleansers and toners wisely
If you think high-cost-brand cleanser and toners are much more effective than others, than it’s not true. Drugstore products are good options in this regard. My personal opinion is that, at times you can also use natural cleanser and toners like curd, honey, limejuice and milk. They are highly effective in long-term and non-allergic. They prevent premature ageing as well. So choose cleansers wisely without spending much.

3. Look for dupes of your favorite skincare poducts
You can look for dupes at the drugstore. What I mean is think of the ingredients that your favorite product includes or that best suitable for your skin. Match them and search for something cheaper in price. The active or key ingredients are same in many of the skincare products. Try using them for few days, if ok…. then excellent!
You might have problems finding the dupe products with good feedback. So take the help of internet and check out beauty/makeup/skincare sites and blogs like Beautypedia and Makeup Alley etc.

4. Reuse the products
Sometimes you might have rejected a product just after using once or twice? Don’t throw them at once. Before buying any new product think for a while if you an alternative. Like, a moisturizer for face can be easily used on body. Because face is the most delicate one and not the body. Shampoo that you don’t like for hair can be used for pedicure and manicure.

Be smart! Take care where you spend and how you can save!

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