Friday, January 6, 2012

Savannah Smiles: New Girl Scout Cookie

Take a break from the hectic kitchen cooking and searching new recipes every other day. Let’s spend a day with Savannah Smiles!

Treat your cookie appetite with something different this new year 2012. Savannah Smiles is the lemon flavored wedge cookies; latest addition to New Girl Scout Cookies. Are you wondering why the name is such? Well, it’s that simple my friends! Because this new recipe is inspired by the hometown of Julliette Gordon Low (founder of GS cookie). Dry snakes and readymade packed food is always my favourite. But yes, I can’t pick everything available on the store, well there is no harm in trying out cookies. Hope, your idea is just like me :) The new launch is on the happiness of celebrating 100th anniversary of the brand.


  1. I miss buying the Girl Scout cookies. Those good ol' days.

  2. Ya, you should! That tastes brilliant .



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