Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pomeroy Throw: Loyale’s organic cotton faux fur blanket

Winter is knocking at the door. What comes to the mind at first is sitting beside the stove with the body wrapped up in a hefty blanket. Isn’t it? To comfort a shivering body, nothing can replace the cozy warmth of real fur. But the animal rights activists will never let you live in peace, even if you just dream about that! Keeping that in mind, Loyale’s Fall 2008 Collection presents this Pomeroy throw blanket ($220), which can better replace that feeling. The luxurious vegan faux fur is uniformly lined on purely organic cotton. This eco-friendly blanket has a perfect size of 50” x 50”. It’s perfect for a cold winter night with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. Whether you are chatting with your love or just singing bed-time rhymes for the kiddos, Pomeroy throw envelopes your body with warmth, in those special moments.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sparkling diamonds decorate Chanel’s wrist watch

Dazzling beauty!!! Numerous white diamonds are encrusted on this wrist watch to let you aback. Of course, this is a very very pricey piece of ornament. If you are familiar with the No. 5 perfume of Chanel, then you may find a resemblance of that in this magnificent timepiece. But if you are not, then I must tell you that this premiere collection Chanel wrist watch is inspired by the shape of that famous perfume bottle. It is one of the best perfumes of the world, and undoubtedly the watch is also projected at replicating the same popularity. The diamond encrusted trim, over a black dial looks classy and princely. The rest of its body is made of white gold. What an interesting and expensive combination!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bling bling: Marcia Moran’s exquisite collection!

Do you know, this pretty lady Marcia Morgan was a dentist from Brazil; but her unquenchable thirst for fashion accessories gave her courage to venture into this exciting, yet challenging world. Wonderful! I like that attitude!

Plenty of gold is everything that you’ll find in this Brazilian designs. Marcia’s jewelry pieces maintain the dignity of being purely golden. You don’t find sparkle of gemstones like diamond, ruby or sapphire mixed up with her collection that can only dominate the true essence of real amber. If you think these look heavy and bulky, then yes it’s true. Because each and every article of her collection is made with lots of gold. And did you get an insight into the source of inspiration? It’s the most simple and natural objects of life that strictly avoids any sort of exaggeration. How about the woven structure of the earring? I love it for its just about-to-drop shape. Looks like a delicate dew-drop from heaven!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dazzling Mermaid Dress

When I was a small kid of 5, often I used to question myself- why I am not a mermaid and just a human being? But now I don’t have to ask that anymore. Because here is one beautiful gown which can turn me into a fascinating mermaid. The universally accepted emblem of natural beauty - mermaid - is no more a concept of mythology. You can see yourself turning into that much-desired charming lady with this aqua mermaid mesh halter dress. Carefully knitted sequins on the top highlight the feminine beauty, whereas the dazzling scale skirt is an exact imitation of the real fins. Well, the thin net around the middle part emphasizes your curve and gives a sleek shape to the entire body. Wow! That’s stunning, and I feel it must be equally gorgeous at the back part, for it’s a halter dress.

But make your bathtub ready to take a dip, or else you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Lol!!!


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