Friday, September 19, 2008

Bling bling: Marcia Moran’s exquisite collection!

Do you know, this pretty lady Marcia Morgan was a dentist from Brazil; but her unquenchable thirst for fashion accessories gave her courage to venture into this exciting, yet challenging world. Wonderful! I like that attitude!

Plenty of gold is everything that you’ll find in this Brazilian designs. Marcia’s jewelry pieces maintain the dignity of being purely golden. You don’t find sparkle of gemstones like diamond, ruby or sapphire mixed up with her collection that can only dominate the true essence of real amber. If you think these look heavy and bulky, then yes it’s true. Because each and every article of her collection is made with lots of gold. And did you get an insight into the source of inspiration? It’s the most simple and natural objects of life that strictly avoids any sort of exaggeration. How about the woven structure of the earring? I love it for its just about-to-drop shape. Looks like a delicate dew-drop from heaven!

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