Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillow Fight Makes You A Kid At Heart!

What a crazy yet nice game! Funny and totally refreshing. Pillow fights are organized across the world, usually in April 1st week. These participants also follow a set of rules like in any other game. Information regarding date, venue and time of pillow fights are flashed across social networking sites and people are known to gather at an open place in large numbers. This is the only fight with no injury but only a mood-booster!

The pillows are usually stuffed with feathers. So it becomes more interesting when the fight turns deadly and pillow starts breaking.... feathers come out to fly. A popular day to have pillow fights is the International Pillow Fight Day that happens every year but different timing for different places. Never had a chance to play this nice game. Wish I could have a fight here and I would join with full energy!

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