Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Green Technology That Brings You A Mini Garden

We love to have a beautiful garden, but living space is getting smaller day-by-day. A green plant is not just refreshing but it is said to have an energetic effect on the whole family. So let your wall look lively with Wally Pockets Living Wall System. This is easy to hand on the wall just like a painting or other home d├ęcor. What you need is a drilling machine to fix it on the wall. Put mud inside & place the plant you desire. Watering the plant will not at all spoil your wall, because the bag is made with perfect moisture barrier.

You can decorate both indoor and outdoor with as much plants as you wish! It’s eco-friendly because of the recycled materials used to create this wall plant holder. Designer Miguel and Rodney Nelson recreate the green technology with beauty and brain.



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