Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stone Jewellery by Lital Mendel

Now-a-days jewelleries are made from different types of precious stones. But what if we take ordinary stones and turn it precious? Young and talented designer Lital Mendel is doing it beautifully. She picks ordinary stones and gives some finishing to them and changes them into masterpieces by her creative mind. She keeps the shapes of the stones as they are. ‘The stones are perfect just the way they are’- she says passionately.

Lital Collects stones from streets and uses simple technologies to enhance their natural beauty. These stones make the centre of attraction of all her jewelleries. She tries to keep the ornamentation around the stones simple and clean. This gives her designs a contemporary elegant look.

Lital’s project is called ‘(Precious) Stones’.


  1. wow! these jewellery are so unique!

  2. Creative. Why didnt anyone think of that EARLIER?!!

  3. I love the jewelery! Such a creative way of thinking.



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