Monday, April 11, 2011

Vegetable Juice: Gateway To A Healthy Lifestyle

Fresh vegetable juice is a great way to attain a healthy body and glowing skin. It supplies the essential nutrients and minerals required by our body. Also the fibres in vegetable juices help in smooth functioning of our digestive system. Many people obtain health benefits by drinking vegetable juices on a regular basis. Now you might be thinking that vegetable juices won’t be tasty and it will taste like medicine. It’s not true. Vegetable juices can be very flavourful and refreshing when combined with some fruits like apple or grapes. You can also add a small piece of ginger if you like it little spicy.

You can try the following combinations to make your vegetable juice tasty-

1-Apple & carrot
2- Green Apple & celery stalks
3- Beet & carrot
4- Bottle guard ( Lauki) & Gooseberry (amla)
5- Cucumber & ginger
6- Tomato & cucumber.
7- Spinach & tomato
8- Celery stalks & cucumber

Adjust the consistency of the juice by adding required amount of water while blending.

Some do’s and do’nts of juicing vegetables –

1- Don’t make juice in high speed blender. It breaks down the nutrient of the vegetable by oxidation and heat created due to friction. Use a low speed blender or juicer.

2- Consult your doctor for specific dietary and health advice. If you have sugar related problems avoid taking juices of vegetables which have high natural sugar, like carrot and apple. If you have kidney stone, avoid spinach, beet and other veggies that are high in oxalic acid.

3- Start slow. Fresh vegetable juices are highly concentrated than the veggies we eat. So gradually introduce different types of juices to your body.


  1. Thanks for sharing many wonderful juice combo and tips..

  2. All the juices look wonderful. Looks so delicious and refreshing.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. I quite like ginger in juicy too. They add a bit of zing



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