Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cosmic Tattoo Or Rocket Tattoo

At first you’ll notice only the sun, moon and sky and so on…. but actually this is a “rocket tattoo”. Houses, rows of trees, clouds, even planets, Jupiter and many more are just part of the whole idea. As created and narrated by artist Grendel at Peter Tat2, this a theme tattoo with slight twist. Everything inked symbolically just like a rough sketch.

A journey from earth to sky” – Wow: nice thought! I love the simplicity of presentation, while the meaning is something intense and deep.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scary or funny: A mysterious skull tattoo

Love or hate? Can you please help me understand what this strange tattoo mean?

I guess you wouldn't love to receive a red rose in this way! To me this looks like a horror movie poster...... but no. It's a tattoo on the arm.LOL! We may get shocked with such a question, but for some it’s the best way to convey love (at least for this guy). A skull with crossed bones is the symbol of most dangerous thing- stay away from it! One the other hand, a rose stands for affection, beauty and delicacy. This tattoo is a fusion of both. And just look at the artistic floral carvings on the skull. This is beautiful but mysterious to think about. The tattoo narrates a ghostly love story that belongs to the other world. Of course, man can die, but not the heart of love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The lustrous beauty of Swarovski bracelet

Look at the stunning beauty!!!
There is something magical about Swarovski crystal that attracts young and old all alike. Few pieces of this precious gemstone can turn anything into an aristocratic accessory. Isn’t this beautiful bracelet a perfect example of it? Sheeny and sensational- this crystal bracelet has got a stunning look with silver tone carved-designs at intervals. Bicone Swarovski crystal and clear AB are all that this jewelry is made of. And if you give it a closer look, the beautiful rainbow-hue is reflected on the crystals by multi-colored stones at the middle. It’s perfectly flexible to fit into any wrist-size.
That’s great I think. Genuine Swarovski has a price of its own and this beautiful piece is available in 24.99 USD at etsy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chainmail Stockings – For the seductive gladiator!

No one can ignore it without turning back for a second watch. This is the amazing creativity of La Quan Smith, the New York base fashion designer. And you know how old he is? Just 20!

I can’t say exactly what these golden stocking are made from, how to wear them, how to keep them and of course, where and why to wear them at all. This entirely new creative splurge seems like came out of wild fancy thoughts. But these are really cool, vigorous, stylish yet feminine. And hence, I love them though I can’t wear them at any cost. The high-heeled shoes are perfectly matching that makes it hot.

But if you want to look even hotter, put on some metallic mini dress with some equally unusual hairdo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Loyale’s organic cotton faux fur blanket

Winter is knocking at the door. What comes to the mind at first is sitting beside the stove with the body wrapped up in a hefty blanket. Isn’t it? To comfort a shivering body, nothing can replace the cozy warmth of real fur. But the animal rights activists will never let you live in peace, even if you just dream about that! Keeping that in mind, Loyale’s Fall 2008 Collection presents this Pomeroy throw blanket ($220), which can better replace that feeling. The luxurious vegan faux fur is uniformly lined on purely organic cotton.
This eco-friendly blanket has a perfect size of 50” x 50”. It’s perfect for a cold winter night with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. Whether you are chatting with your love or just singing bed-time rhymes for the kiddos, Pomeroy throw envelopes your body with warmth, in those special moments.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Holiday Gift: Get Gorgeous This Season

I got an exciting gift for you this Holiday! Smashbox Cosmetics comes up with a great gift collection – “The Wish Collection”. But there is something special about it. For each product you purchase, Smashbox will donate $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization. So this time you look gorgeous with noble cause in heart.

The makeup set are interesting….
Eye Wish Palette - Includes 12 shadows, 4 liners and a mini Lid Primer to create countless party-perfect looks.
Wish For The Perfect Tools Set - An all-you-need brush set with 5 exclusive purse size brushes packed in a stylish bright raspberry travel case.
Wish For The Perfect pout Set- This limited-edition set of 6 perfect holiday lip-glosses, including 2 bonus full-size tubes will make your smile more beautiful.
Wish For a Flawless Complexion Set - A collection of best-selling skin perfecting primer in both full and travel sizes to create a flawless complexion instantly.
Wish For The Stars Set – Are you a travel-crazy? Then this one is best for you. A limited-edition set of Smashbox superstar products in convenient travel sizes perfect for your holiday clutch or carry-on tote. The set includes a mini fusion soft lights powder in dusk, lash and mascara in jet black and lip gloss in illume.

All these amazing sets you can get only with a price range of $20-59. Isn’t that great?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some wearable tool kits

My random search for unique jewelry took me to this very unusual destination. If I have not used tags like “jewelry”, trust me I might not have recognized what for these pieces are built up and where I have landed! Most of them are finger rings, but few are bangles and ear rings as well…..Uuummmm… still I am not sure of many of the items.

Well, my place is too small to place all or ever many of the important pieces I like. But I hope, after viewing these few you’ll rush to discover more. Actually these are named as bad jewelry ideas, but I can’t agree with this name. I love them so much. It’s very innovative and unparalleled if not beautiful to the traditional minds.

Screw, tires, animal bones, ancient walls, pillars, unshaped rock and cage are some of the structures I could discover here, you may find more. To me, they aspire to get machinery-look more than any ornament design. Open Design Bureau, Moscow is the creator behind these strange trinkets. Can you help wondering how far the imagination of man can go?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pallid shades brought into vogue by Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 Collection

Soft, silky, shiny and pale shades- this is not an exception in any of the latest outfits and handbags that Giorgio Armani has designed for Spring 2009 Collection. Of course, this is not the first time Armani has rocked the fashion world with his exquisite creations. But what is special in this collection is that, each and every piece is designed on the pale colors. You wouldn’t find a pinch of black, blood-red or dark blue used to highlight the style (as it is too common with the contemporary designers). It proves that lighter shades can be turned into stunning and gorgeous to rule the show.


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