Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some wearable tool kits

My random search for unique jewelry took me to this very unusual destination. If I have not used tags like “jewelry”, trust me I might not have recognized what for these pieces are built up and where I have landed! Most of them are finger rings, but few are bangles and ear rings as well…..Uuummmm… still I am not sure of many of the items.

Well, my place is too small to place all or ever many of the important pieces I like. But I hope, after viewing these few you’ll rush to discover more. Actually these are named as bad jewelry ideas, but I can’t agree with this name. I love them so much. It’s very innovative and unparalleled if not beautiful to the traditional minds.

Screw, tires, animal bones, ancient walls, pillars, unshaped rock and cage are some of the structures I could discover here, you may find more. To me, they aspire to get machinery-look more than any ornament design. Open Design Bureau, Moscow is the creator behind these strange trinkets. Can you help wondering how far the imagination of man can go?

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