Monday, February 9, 2009

Pallid shades brought into vogue by Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 Collection

Soft, silky, shiny and pale shades- this is not an exception in any of the latest outfits and handbags that Giorgio Armani has designed for Spring 2009 Collection. Of course, this is not the first time Armani has rocked the fashion world with his exquisite creations. But what is special in this collection is that, each and every piece is designed on the pale colors. You wouldn’t find a pinch of black, blood-red or dark blue used to highlight the style (as it is too common with the contemporary designers). It proves that lighter shades can be turned into stunning and gorgeous to rule the show.


  1. Armani is my all-time favourite designer - I even owned an Armani outfit when I lived in Italy!!

  2. Yes! One can not deny that unique tallent. Not yet got a chance to own one, but thanks for the follow.
    Hope you enjoy the visit.



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