Monday, September 15, 2008

Dazzling Mermaid Dress

When I was a small kid of 5, often I used to question myself- why I am not a mermaid and just a human being? But now I don’t have to ask that anymore. Because here is one beautiful gown which can turn me into a fascinating mermaid. The universally accepted emblem of natural beauty - mermaid - is no more a concept of mythology. You can see yourself turning into that much-desired charming lady with this aqua mermaid mesh halter dress. Carefully knitted sequins on the top highlight the feminine beauty, whereas the dazzling scale skirt is an exact imitation of the real fins. Well, the thin net around the middle part emphasizes your curve and gives a sleek shape to the entire body. Wow! That’s stunning, and I feel it must be equally gorgeous at the back part, for it’s a halter dress.

But make your bathtub ready to take a dip, or else you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Lol!!!

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