Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The incredible design of Living Lounge

If I have the freedom to express my thoughts, I would say Living Lounge is the sculpture of a bulky lazy fellow resting on the lawn. But the source of inspiration lies in something I can hardly imagine. This chic looking living lounge is a luxurious piece of furniture that translates 20th Century European Roadster into a chaise, gesture suggesting an impression that it has a life of its own adding to its splendor. This is designed by Joel and Janci Green of JGreen Design.

It’s a stylish lounge that will sit smartly to give a classy look to the entire room you live in! No wonder that the unique piece of furniture is a 2008 Niche Awards winner; judged by the criteria like - technical excellence, both in surface design and form, market viability, a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought. And the price is as high as its beauty - $7500. Ouch! But I think this is very reasonable for a splendid piece like this Living Lounge. What do you say?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personalized Puppies Set: Christmas gift for little kids

Kids love to have pets at home. But do you have enough time to take care of the doggies and kittens? Well, there is another way to gift pets to your kiddos – My Little Puppies set. This is soft and secure for the little children to play with. And the good thing is it’s not only one, but two plus puppies you are taking home. A colorful doghouse, bone, red food bowl are all the things included in the set. Look how cute the doggies are in green and brown colors! Sooooooo sweeeeeeettt!!!

This is best for children above the age of 3 years and they can carry it to anywhere at the time of travel. There is no hassle at all! Oh yes, make it the Personalized Puppies Set by their names embroidered on the toy. It cost $5.00 & with personalized $10.00 at Onestepahead.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contemporary jewelry designs with ancient touch!

Tell me, what comes to your mind when you have a look at these fabulous designs? Don’t they look like some ancient treasure dug out from the heart of deep sea? But I must tell you that this is the result of devoted creativity, that of the Washington designers. These are made of yellow gold and precious gems like Mexican fire opals, pink tourmalines, Japanese akoya pearls etc. While the gold-plated necklace of interlocking rings is made by Manuela Costa, the simple but attractive earrings of gold & pearl are designed by Rachelle Celine. I love the little star-shaped brooch of sparkling gems. This is colorful, bright and dazzling! This eye-popping piece is created by Emma Villedrouin. There is no exaggeration of patters or colors, but what pop up are some of the excellent ornaments one can ever imagine about. Love it!

What do you think is more precious- food or jewelry?

Well, you may try to find out your answer here! Food can not be made out of jewelry, but a very attractive neckpiece is possible through food grains. Here is one; the Hunger designed by Kali Arulpragasam. This party-wear designer necklace is a created over things we can never imagine! Trust me friends, it is composed of sweet corn, bean, lentils and rice. Yah, now you can distinguish the grains from the familiar shapes & sizes. The total weight is some 360gms of stuff. Quite heavy for your delicate neck! But I think one can happily bear the burden, when it’s the matter of such a nice jewelry.

Often we have seen that vegetables are beaded and decorated for the hot fashion shows. Oh’ how funny that looks! If you can recall, sometimes wearing eatables are found in the protest against rising prices of food…. I can’t ignore it completely, for Kali seems to have been inspired from all these – in the eyes of extreme poverty, food is much more precious than gold and silver.


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