Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personalized Puppies Set: Christmas gift for little kids

Kids love to have pets at home. But do you have enough time to take care of the doggies and kittens? Well, there is another way to gift pets to your kiddos – My Little Puppies set. This is soft and secure for the little children to play with. And the good thing is it’s not only one, but two plus puppies you are taking home. A colorful doghouse, bone, red food bowl are all the things included in the set. Look how cute the doggies are in green and brown colors! Sooooooo sweeeeeeettt!!!

This is best for children above the age of 3 years and they can carry it to anywhere at the time of travel. There is no hassle at all! Oh yes, make it the Personalized Puppies Set by their names embroidered on the toy. It cost $5.00 & with personalized $10.00 at Onestepahead.

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