Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Remote Controlled Floor Mop Makes You Clean-Crazy

Clean home is the first step to healthy body and soul! But more or less, the task of cleaning is always boring and exhausting. People schedule special day, working-moms wait for a holiday; and students can’t find a single day within the whole year. Some girls do smartly escapes all the time, like me! How cool it would be, if one morning you wake up just to discover that the home is already ultra-cleaned before you start the process or even wear the apron.  

Yes! If you have game-crazy grown-up kids, they may surprise you like this. Remote controlled floor mop is such a nice invention – much like a remote controlled toy car or helicopter. It makes the gamer feel compelled to clean. It’s interesting to test the player’s ability, how fast one can do or how best you are than the rest. Things that never happened can now be possible. Entire family will enjoy the cleaning task together. A kind of good optimization.

Of course this is not the first of its kind. The Roomba vacuum robot is proved to be the best invention so far when it comes to automatic cleaning devices. This floor mop is actually dubbed “Sugoi Mop,” and it was developed and marketed by Kyosho Egg, a Japanese company. Be intelligent faster than the rest & get it at Amazon at $42.00. 


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  3. Thanks Vadi!
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