Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Should We Eat Strawberry

While eating lots of strawberries these days, I wondered how beneficial this fruit is? This is a seasonal fruit in India. Fresh ones are available only in winter –from December to middle of March. Can’t forget I went through a long distance to visit the beautiful strawberry garden with my whole family in May, and it was all over that time. Oops! But no worries, we can make it next year. That yummy looking strawberries, I can swallow one bowl all at once! No wonder why we love this; its gorgeous red color is totally eye-catching, but it has many health benefits as well. Ok, do you know why should we eat strawberries? 

·         Strawberry is high in water content – that’s why by eating this, you feel like fuller on a smaller amount of calories. Good for people worried about weight gain. Hydration can also help you stay active and fresh throughout the day.

·        Strawberries are rich in soluble fibre. Soluble fibre helps removing cholesterol from the body, hence reduces your risk for heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular health problems. This fibre content is also beneficial for digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

·         One more key factor is the high amount of folate in strawberries, which contributes to glowing skin and healthy hair. This is what every woman feel crazy about. What research shows about folate is, it’s an important nutrient for developing and maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth as well.

·         Additionally, strawberries are full of potent antioxidant, the secret for staying young forever. By staying young I mean antioxidants helps improving age-related issues like poor eye-sight, dull skin and memory loss.

All the above mentioned pints are just few of its goodness. If we go one searching, we’ll never come to an end. Better, pick the fresh strawberries from market and enjoy. So how do you enjoy your strawberries, in milkshake, custard, cake or as juice?

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