Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dorothy Perkins’ Charity Shoes Sparkles With Celebrity Touch!

Yes! This time for a noble reason!

Kelly Osborne, Alexandra Burke and Sophie Ellis, the three stars are always better known for their glamour, beauty and party-life. Now they have beautifully designed a limited edition high heel shoes for Dorothy Perkins. And I must tell you there are two reasons to feel proud while wearing these shoes. One, for the hottest look you get unquestionably and secondly for helping the cancer patients throughout the world!
This 'Stand Tall' collection of charity shoes will cost you £45, with a very generous £10 going towards Breast Cancer Care with every sale.

Black is always my favourite, so I love Alexandra Burke's design the most! It’s a feminine floral pattern of sparkling sequins. Perfect match for a part dress! You don’t need to wait long; they'll be available in stores from October.

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  1. Notning new.... yet looks cool
    Like it!



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