Monday, September 27, 2010

Teething Toys Made With Love and Care

How many times it has happened that you bought something very beautiful for your darling baby, just to realize how unsafe it is for him? Toys which are soft, beautiful or attractive may not be suitable for the delicate hands of little babies. Not to forget that kids always bite whatever they have in hand. So it must be something very smooth and clean like these natural non-toxic wooden toys. Decorated with multi-coloured ribbons thebitsybean creates eco-friendly toys of varied shapes specially for the teething babies. They are made from cherry or maple woods, so safe to bite. All are about 4 inches in size and costs only $14.00 USD.

I love the fish and pear shaped toys for its simple and cute look. Well, the butterfly looks a bit clumsy for the many ribbons attached to it. But yes, you have many more choices like this at the store!


  1. For my babyyyy........

  2. Safe, but how about the wood? Isn't that hard for the soft baby-jaws?

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