Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Go all Your Ponytail Rubbers: The Tale Of A Unique Dress!

Have you ever thought how to reuse your ponytail rubber bands? Ask Margarita Mileva! This cocktail dress is made out of 4 kg rubber bands, which is approximately 14325 in numbers. This New York based designer has invested a great time weaving this dress entirely by hand. Wow! Brilliant idea and thanks to that devotion! She has mixed all the bright colors and arranged in such a way that gives rise to a lovely outfit. Being born to the artist parents, Margarita is always passionate for creating something new- like the rubber-band-jewelry. This unique dress was shown at Indianapolis Museum of Art! Now this is what comes to my silly mind -

Pros: This dress will never go out-of-size, even if you get fat. You can guess why!

Cons: Risky to wear under hot Indian-Summer …. (well, no idea exactly at what degree rubber melts) LOL :)


  1. Wow that dress is absolutely stunning! <3

  2. very creative! :) love the colors and the idea..
    great post! :)

  3. The thought behind the dress is definitely creative. But I can never imagine someone wearing a rubber dress ..... no matter where it is India or Norway !

  4. it's a great hand made....very beauty

  5. That very idea of weaving costume out of rubber bands is unique....a piece of art. Well, it's true we can't wear it like we do :)

  6. This is so amazing, I hardly know to what to say.

  7. Wow, would've never thought something like this existed. so cool



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