Friday, January 28, 2011

Summer Fashion: Vera Bradley Frill Collection

It’s time to come out! Say hello to summer season! Sea beach, floral prints, big hats and fun at long evenings- this is what summer is all about. See, what Vera Bradley has designed for us. The Spring 2011 Frill Collection by Vera Bradley brings us softer structure handbags, clutches and totes. The very images make me feel light and relaxed - this is the exact pattern what I was searching for! The entire range is a lovely play of three new solid-color linings. Let’s explore the Frill in Blue Lagoon, Boysenberry and Folkloric themes.


  1. those bags are adorable!
    your blog is so cute and informative. you're doing a great job :D
    thank you for following my blog! ♥
    following backkk.

  2. This makes me long for the summer bath lol!

  3. Even I do feel the same Mattias :) :) :)



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