Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For Your Cutie Princess

I am neither a kid nor have a little girl to dress her so beautifully, so......let's drop the idea of buying one! But isn’t that cute? What you see is a sweet one-piece dress made of a soft satin fabric. Its entire body is embellished with fancy organza ruffles , which makes her look like a princess! Or a perfect fashion bird you can say. And what about that big rose on the hair? I think she’s ready to rock the show!

RuffleButts has much more option (pink & white) to choose from. But I like this black design.


  1. the flower head band is soo adorable! :)
    compliments the dress :)

  2. Cute!! This is why I would love to have a little girl... I would put her in outfit just like that :-)

    I am a new follower!!

  3. Yeh! just like a little Angel, ready 2 fly...



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