Monday, January 3, 2011

Kid’s Fashion: Felt Flower Instant Hairclips

What a great fun to make an instant designer hairpin for your cutie daughter! Now kids love to wear everything trendy and chic. They love to make their own style statements by trying out party dresses, designer braids, curly hairs, multi-colored bead decoration and many more. Today I got this flowery hairclips and would love to share. Just few easy steps...and it’s ready to wear.

· Cut some oval-shaped petals out of the felt fabric.
· Stitch a little each petal on the back. Flip it!
· Hold all the petals together, gule/stich in the middle giving it a flower shape.
· Glue one button, beads or jewels to make it sparkle and cover the middle.
· Take a small square-felt. Paste flat clip on one side & flower on the other side.

For more detailed tutorial visit crystalscraftspot. And the credit goes to Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition.


  1. Aw! These are adorable! Please follow me :D

  2. so cute i love making these for presents :)

    xoxo, summer

  3. aww.. this is so cute! :)
    especially the blue one!
    followed you dear :3

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