Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mother Denim: Inspired by “Old Is Gold”

Hey friends, check out this fresh brand Mother Denim! Sometimes don’t we play with imagination – how about going back to the past years? Created by two designer denim veterans, Tim Kaeding and Lela Tillem this collection is inspired by styles which your mother might have flaunted (it’s obvious from the name). But much more a prettier and sexy version I would say! I don’t mean just the high-waisted pair of full-length jeans, but there are long skirts, short skirts and smart little paints too! How is it?

Get more @ Mother Denim :)


  1. They look so chic and comfortable!! xoxoxoo

  2. very interesting space you have....first time here..happy to follow u...
    do stop by mine sometime...
    Tasty appetite



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