Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Handmade Wall-Hanging!

So the mega weekend plan came out to be a lovely piece of wall-hanging! Here is something special I want to share with you. This is not the first time I have tried my hand here, but certainly the first one I’m presenting in my blog. Wondering what is it, how it’s created, materials, inspiration and so on? Well, let me introduce with the art form.

It’s a form of appliqué work known as “Pipli work”; because of its origin from a small place called “Pipli” in India. A combination of colorful cotton clothes, fine needle work, sequins, laces and tiny mirror pieces give it a stunning look! There is no restriction to patterns, size and shape. But the choice of colors & designs need to be pre-planned, else it’ll mar the charm. You know what I do? Before cutting anything I make a soft copy.... simple!

This wall-hanging took one week to be completed for the central & outline needle work. Of course I can’t spend my whole day with this, because there are lot more thing to be done...well I love to do this!

Please let me know how you like it? I appreciate your suggestion!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Yesterday my friend called me, wishing – “Happy Thanksgiving Day”. Then I realized tomorrow is a great day for celebration, food, get-together, music and lots of fun. Wow! Being an Indian we don’t have any holiday for Thanksgiving Day. So I have little knowledge about it. But who doesn’t love the idea of get- together with the whole family, and doesn’t want the delicious turkey recipes, stuffed sweet potatoes, cakes & chocolates?

But my friends and cousins staying abroad are enjoying a lot..... lucky! Everytime they used to send me so many photos (which makes me feel jealous). This time I’m going to send mine too (look above)!

How is it? Am I looking gorgeous? Hahahaha.........
So what's your super plan this time?????

Monday, November 22, 2010

Artistic Nail Design: Geisha

Awesome! This is for the first time I am presenting nail design in my blog. Reason? No reason.... actually never come across such a beautiful pattern. Moreover, I have never tried my hands in them. This piece of art-work is different from painting or sketching that I do.

In the words of Thriszha this is inspired by fabulous SAKURA. Well, I must tell you Sakura is a French blogger and I love her work too. Her talent is worthy of great admiration. But what attracts me much is the “Geisha” theme here. A Geisha is a true emblem of feminine beauty and art in Japanese culture.

Thriszha’s free hand one-stroke-technique has a charm in itself! Few dots, flowers and butterfly strokes make the nail look like a precious article. Wonderful!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pamela Anderson To Spice Up Big Boss 4

Pammy is yet to recover from how unexpectedly she was crowded by fans in Indian Airport. But it’s definitely much more flattering than audience response after any of her big shows! Her Baywatch Avatar was quite interesting with funny, silly, sexy activities. This time get ready to witness something more personal, because it’s the most talked-about reality show Big Boss-4. Wow! Can you imagine her in such a locked-up situation?

And the latest buzz is, Pamela Anderson has started adding spices to the show. To speak in the native tone - “masala tadka”. LOL!

It’s heard that she’s here for 6 days and offered Rs 2.5 crores for what she’ll do. But I’m in doubt if she can fulfill her desire to visit Taj Mahal in this short duration. Better known for PETA activities and her twin assets, now Pamela is attracting the viewers by turning into a traditional Indian beauty. Isn’t she looking so cool in this white fashionable saree?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meditation Makes You More Beautiful

Today, I love to share something special with you. It’s not a beauty product in fact, but something that beautifies you unconditionally. I must repeat the age-old saying that “The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.”All are not gifted with a perfect figure, an expensive trendy wardrobe, a perfect makeup-man, nor have the brilliant hair expert to consult with. If you agree that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then I must say that beauty is hidden inside your soul, just waiting to be realized and brought out.
Meditation brings out the real beauty inside us. Devote at least 20-30 minutes to meditation on a daily routine and you’ll feel prettier. Meditation improves blood pressure, asthmatics condition, reduces stress and energizes the sprit. On a whole you stay fit, physically and emotionally. That makes you a perfect beauty.

The simplest steps you can practice are:
  1. Choose a quiet place and Sit quietly in a comfortable “Buddhist” position.
  2. Be committed to a specific duration of time.
  3. Focus on the shortest word you personally believe – exp: love, peace, Om, I surrender all to you, Hallelujah or something that you love to listen & chant.
  4. Take long deep breaths and repeat the focused word in heart.
  5. Assume strong passive attitude. Don't think about how well you're doing or not. If other thoughts enters to mind, simply say, "Oh, well," and gently return to your concentrated position.
  6. Let’s continue it for 10-20 minutes. Never set the alarm, just check the time coolly if you want.
  7. Open eyes and rest for 2-3 minutes in sitting position. Than only you stand and go back to work.

Your joy in life, excitement and energy are reflected on your bright face. Your sexy confidence brings a beautiful smile and dignity to your walk. Your serenity and sensitivity are mirrored in your sparkling eyes. What more you need to make you beautiful?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Jewellery Design: Handmade By Marjorie

One thing that you might have guessed by now is these jewellery are totally handmade. But can you imagine, these are made of brocken plates? Few random pieces of cracked plates and multi-coloured metal wires are the medium used for these neck pieces. This is possible because of the unique talent of Marjorie – the designer!

The pendants and necklace you can see are specially created under her Holiday collection. This time it’s English Spode china. What you can choose are numerous... Earrings, necklace, pendant, wire crochet necklace with customized length and many more.

It’s such a great fun to wear them on your chest, narrating a story of its own. The cute pendants designed from vintage china are beautifully depicting Holiday themes - adorable Santas, reindeer and funny snowman- touches everyone’s heart at first sight.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy Scarf Makes You More Fashionable

My winter is going to be more flowery with this unique scarf on the neck! Don’t ask me how can it bring warmth? I can promise you that it’ll certainly make you feel cozy, comfortable - because it looks amazingly decorative. It’s hand-woven neck-piece is made of 100% sparkling acrylic yarn.

A Versatile item you can say, for it can be worn around the way you like. Absolutely feminine in pattern and touch. This accessory will doubly beautify your outfit... looks rocking for the winter party! Just choose and order different colors of your own choice. I love white, looks frosty.

This is not have exactly matching crochet earrings as well. How nice!

Go snatch it before it's late !!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Get The Perfect Party Ponytail

Better known as the simple girl or lazy girl hairstyle - ponytail is everyone's favorite. Why? Obviously, because this is the easiest way you can manage the hair; whether long or short. Isn’t it? Not just for lack of time, but in this way we feel more comfortable to work with. Looks decent yet chic-&-smart!
Very recently top celebrities have been seen with some glamorous versions of ponytails. Both Jennifer Aniston and Aiswarya Rai have sleek-&-long ponytails, but you can very well notice the difference.

Here are tips to bring you a perfect party ponytail.

1.Before making ponytail, don’t forget to apply your shiny hair-spray on wet hair, and then blow-dry using a round brush to bring it into perfect condition.
2.Gather them all and make a high ponytail using one rubber band. If you want tease the hair at the crown of your head with a fine comb.
3.If you have thicker hair, take a small section and wrap it around the band hiding the end with a pin.

4.If you have comparatively long face, leave some shorter hairs free on the forehead.

5.On the other hand if you have a round face, leave a small portion on both sides to make it look narrower. Or you can bind like Jennifer Lopez for extra-sportive look!

Love The Lost Bird Studio Giveaway!

Today, it’s a beautiful morning! I got a chance to enter Lost Bird Giveaway. On the occasion of her first Blogeversary Marie has so many lovely things to offer the readers - beautifully decorated handmade notebook, cards, apron and so on. Being an artist myself I have always admired absolute creativity.

Once again it evokes my passion to play with colors, laces, threads, beads......and create something new, something pretty to look at.

Soon I’ll do that.....would you love to track the Lost Bird?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tribal Dance: Exquisite Mix-media Necklace

It reminds me the ancient royal characters with some glorious history. I can imagine this necklace being the pride of an Egyptian queen.

Yes, you guess it right. It’s an outcome of tribal art, presented in a contemporary style. Titled as Smadar's Treasure by BAO, this jewellery consists of a variety of mixed materials. The center of attraction- pendant is actually carnelian gemstone bead, surrounded by different kinds of Japanese seed beads in gold, metallic grey and reddish chocolate brown. What makes it more artistic is the dark reddish brown leather cords, combined into a single-whole to support the pendant.
I know you can’t help wondering the price; it’s $ 95 USD at Etsy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When a tulip pops up from Microsoft Excel

……and then starts the story of TulipK which took birth from Spreadsheet! I am so much impressed by this innovative design that can’t resist to write it down. Computer-based designs are widely used these days. But this is unique for being designed primarily in Spreadsheet. Ben Geebelen is the artist behind this beautiful creation – TulipK Lamp. I wish to have a pink tulip; I wonder why didn’t he set a pink bulb instead of white?

Ben used Excel Sheet to create the uniform pattern on this lamp, then used 3-Matic
Software and output it to a 3D printer to finally generate the tulip petals. There are six petals in all, connected to a central mechanism which allows the light to be opened and closed around the bulb. It’s the 2374 holes that make the light spread out beautifully.

Would you love to read the story from Ben Geebelen’s own words?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simply Chic: Alainn Bella Top

I always longed for this sort of a top, that should be chic and trendy; but without spoiling the decency. It’s an Allain Bella short-top with front buttons and simple leaf prints all-around. 100 % Viscose fabric with a softer shade. Easily matches with any trousers, preferably high-waisted. And I can imagine with varied skirts as well. Let me tell you something funny that you can’t notice I guess - It can be worn backwards too! Cool!

Hope you’ll love to check the new collection!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Save Money On Skincare: Tips You Can Use

Skincare is so much important not just to look good, but also to prevent it from ageing early. In our daily life we are exposed to many things – dust particles, flying grease, strong lights, sunrays and even our dirty palms at times - that can harm the delicate face. and to keep it in good condition we spend money without a second thought. But if we take care this can be reduced without spoiling the skin. Here are tips you can keep in mind while buying beauty products.

1. Use multi-tasking products
You must be using a variety of skincare products daily. I mean cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, serum etc. Even if you choose the cheaper one in each, combined together they can make an utterly surprising high price. Don’t worry. Consider something that can replace many if not all. New “all-in-ones” can get you moisturized, sun-protected, anti-aged, and even-complexioned in a single cream. Also available in a nice range of prices, from Olay's Total Effects 7-in-1 line to splurges from La Mer. In this way you not only save money, but valuable time as well.

2. Choose cleansers and toners wisely
If you think high-cost-brand cleanser and toners are much more effective than others, than it’s not true. Drugstore products are good options in this regard. My personal opinion is that, at times you can also use natural cleanser and toners like curd, honey, limejuice and milk. They are highly effective in long-term and non-allergic. They prevent premature ageing as well. So choose cleansers wisely without spending much.

3. Look for dupes of your favorite skincare poducts
You can look for dupes at the drugstore. What I mean is think of the ingredients that your favorite product includes or that best suitable for your skin. Match them and search for something cheaper in price. The active or key ingredients are same in many of the skincare products. Try using them for few days, if ok…. then excellent!
You might have problems finding the dupe products with good feedback. So take the help of internet and check out beauty/makeup/skincare sites and blogs like Beautypedia and Makeup Alley etc.

4. Reuse the products
Sometimes you might have rejected a product just after using once or twice? Don’t throw them at once. Before buying any new product think for a while if you an alternative. Like, a moisturizer for face can be easily used on body. Because face is the most delicate one and not the body. Shampoo that you don’t like for hair can be used for pedicure and manicure.

Be smart! Take care where you spend and how you can save!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get The Celebrity Hairstyle Like Angelina Jolie

“Silky, straight and let loose” – this is the trendy celebrity look for your hairs these days. But keeping them beautifully straight all the time is not an easy task. Right?

Wrong!!! Think of Angelina Jolie, the most admired, most talked-about, most desired Hollywood cool she looks in all her attire. With six children, a movie career and a United Nations role to juggle, is it any wonder that Angelina often keeps her red carpet look simple-but-stunning by wearing her hair straight and loose? Is she really investing so much time in keeping her hairs straight? LOL!

Thanks to the Remington S7902 Wet2Straight Slim Straighteners. It gives your hairs a gorgeous look by making them silky, straight and definitely.... ultra smart! Use it while the hair is damp.... so no need to rush for a shampoo everytime before you step out. Good news is that it brings you no fizz or damage like others.

To get a party-look hairdo in quick time, you need to invest little more. So what? This is the high price of exceptional beauty!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tips To Minimize Stress At Work

Are you feeling too much stressed while at work? Ok, don’t tell me no! Because being a woman, I understand how difficult it seems at times, to make a perfect balance between work and personal life. Many do suggest to practice yoga, meditation, healthy diet etc.... and that’s quite good! But does that sound easy to grasp at once? Honestly speaking I try, but sometimes it’s hard to maintain in a busy schedule.

These are some quick tips to help you minimize stress at work life.
Tip 1 - Say goodbye to clutter. Working in an organized and clean environment is much more comfortable and easier than a chaotic one. Start by de-cluttering your work space. Organize your files, trash unnecessary old files, notes, and say hello to a neater (and hopefully less stressful!) work zone.

Tip 2 - Take time to breathe. Slow and deep breathing is really relaxing! One tried-and-true solution is to take a few moments to focus on your breathing. Slowly breathe in through your nose, letting your abdomen expand, then slowly breathe out through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes.

Tip 3 – Plan your day before you act. Well-planned time management is key to de-stress yourself. Sometimes, irritation increases just because of mess of silly things. But make sure it's a reasonable one… Managing expectations of yourself and tackling things you can actually accomplish should help cut down on workplace stress…and amplify workplace pride.

Tip 4 - Choose a career you love to work. Yes, it’s easy to suggest but hard to achieve. But we spend the majority of our daily life at workplace. So it’s important to love the work we do! When you are in the right profession, you wake up anxious to go to work, you want to do your best daily, and you know your work is the passion!

Tip 5 – Don’t bring home the work. Thinking about work during your off-hours will just mar your personal life. It’ll do nothing to alleviate your stress. So turn off the Blackberry. Don't check work e-mail. And please! Don’t spend hours discussing how much you hate your boss.

Tip 6 - Revive your personal life. Can't remember the last time you had a girl's night out or tucked your children into bed? If you're spending most nights on-the-job, odds are that your personal relationships are suffering. Having non-work plans to look forward to can help to make your unbearable job a little more bearable.

Tip 7–Be positive. Stay happy and in good relation with your fellow beings (both personal & professional), have fun and enjoy life to the fullest!

Buy Swarovski Handbag This Dhanteras (Diwali) !

What you plan to buy this Dhanteras; that should be precious, unique, eye-catching and useful too?
I have got something excellent for you!

This is Judith Leiber bag - the Swarovski Goa Evening Bag. This little article is so gorgeous that it would make any evening outfit look stunning. No matter what you wear while holding this clutch, all eyes will be on the bag not your outfit.

The Swarovski Goa Evening Bag is a leather clutch that is covered with multi Moonlight crystals. The Moonlight crystals is what really makes this bag catch attention. Of course, you have to pay a big price for this mini clutch. But the thing is nothing less than a masterpiece I must tell you. The measurements of the clutch are, 4.3 x 8.7 x 1.2 inch. The most I think you would be able to carry in it is maybe a mobile, lip gloss, and your credit cards. Small or not, this clutch is to die for. What more you need at once?

You can purchase the Swarovski Goa Evening Bag at Daniel Swarovski and select Swarovski boutiques for $3,000. Yes, that is a hefty price for a clutch that is so small but compared to a Judith Leiber crystal bag it’s a little more reasonable.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How To Tone Up Your Skin More Beautifully

You know how important cleansing and toning is, to keep the skin glowing. Still sometimes you feel lazy about it..... why?

I guess, because you might not have used Arcona Triad Pads. Readymade Arcona Triad Pads are soaked with hydrating, toning, cleansing, and excellent-smelling Cranberry Toner. Use it directly to remove excess makeup, tone and hydrate after cleansing, or refresh your face after a workout or a good night's sleep.

I am sure, you’ll just fall in love with this! These unique Triad Pads are packed with a host of skin-loving ingredients: antimicrobial cranberry (containing vitamins, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids), Vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, and rice milk. Plus, well, they just feel really, really good. One good thing about all Arcona products is its lovely scent! Feels like some mouth-watering sweet delicacy!

The price is quite reasonable, $ 30 for 45 pads. But you can get a ton of extra mileage out of them by cutting them in half. Trust me; they're so soaked with toner that there was still plenty left over when you finish applying on face and neck.


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