Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When a tulip pops up from Microsoft Excel

……and then starts the story of TulipK which took birth from Spreadsheet! I am so much impressed by this innovative design that can’t resist to write it down. Computer-based designs are widely used these days. But this is unique for being designed primarily in Spreadsheet. Ben Geebelen is the artist behind this beautiful creation – TulipK Lamp. I wish to have a pink tulip; I wonder why didn’t he set a pink bulb instead of white?

Ben used Excel Sheet to create the uniform pattern on this lamp, then used 3-Matic
Software and output it to a 3D printer to finally generate the tulip petals. There are six petals in all, connected to a central mechanism which allows the light to be opened and closed around the bulb. It’s the 2374 holes that make the light spread out beautifully.

Would you love to read the story from Ben Geebelen’s own words?

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