Monday, November 22, 2010

Artistic Nail Design: Geisha

Awesome! This is for the first time I am presenting nail design in my blog. Reason? No reason.... actually never come across such a beautiful pattern. Moreover, I have never tried my hands in them. This piece of art-work is different from painting or sketching that I do.

In the words of Thriszha this is inspired by fabulous SAKURA. Well, I must tell you Sakura is a French blogger and I love her work too. Her talent is worthy of great admiration. But what attracts me much is the “Geisha” theme here. A Geisha is a true emblem of feminine beauty and art in Japanese culture.

Thriszha’s free hand one-stroke-technique has a charm in itself! Few dots, flowers and butterfly strokes make the nail look like a precious article. Wonderful!


  1. I can't wear my nails long, but these are beautiful little mini-artworks. Especially the flower ones.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Same with me, can't have my nails long!

    Welcome to my blog Tera and thanks for the follow.

  3. Rockin! I'm a fan of giving myself silly manicures when i need a pick me up!

  4. i love your nail art!^^ i just became ur new follower :)



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