Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pamela Anderson To Spice Up Big Boss 4

Pammy is yet to recover from how unexpectedly she was crowded by fans in Indian Airport. But it’s definitely much more flattering than audience response after any of her big shows! Her Baywatch Avatar was quite interesting with funny, silly, sexy activities. This time get ready to witness something more personal, because it’s the most talked-about reality show Big Boss-4. Wow! Can you imagine her in such a locked-up situation?

And the latest buzz is, Pamela Anderson has started adding spices to the show. To speak in the native tone - “masala tadka”. LOL!

It’s heard that she’s here for 6 days and offered Rs 2.5 crores for what she’ll do. But I’m in doubt if she can fulfill her desire to visit Taj Mahal in this short duration. Better known for PETA activities and her twin assets, now Pamela is attracting the viewers by turning into a traditional Indian beauty. Isn’t she looking so cool in this white fashionable saree?


  1. poor lady, she's nothing to do right now. funny!

  2. Thanx for this type of informations.....!!!!



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