Friday, March 18, 2011

Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Hi friends, wish you a happy HOLI!

The day after tomorrow is Holi, and I must tell you how beautiful the festival is. Off course, there are different ways to celebrate in various parts of India, but the most exciting theme is playing with colors. In the previous evening, that means tomorrow a bonfire is organized where we also offer sweets, snacks and coconut along with the log of wood. And in Holi, after worshiping God, everybody throws colors on each other. It’s so fun! People hide themselves, but target others. As a result everyone looks like a multi-colored alien from some distant planet. Just recalling, last year my neighbor brought a tray full of homemade chocolates and it was finished within minutes! Kids enjoy a lot. But when I was a kid I used to cry at times because of the horrifying faces. Haha!

Oops! Getting rid of those colors is a real headache. It takes hours to bath and wash the clothes. Better, you get prepared for that. Anyway, this time I plan to play a little….if friends permit! Yes, I must prepare some nice food and if possible make a post here.

Ok! Hope you have a good idea of the celebration now. Again wish you a great Holi!



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