Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bracelet Phone by Tao Ma

Jewellery serves the purpose of beauty. But Designer Tao Ma has come up with a kind of jewellery that’s not only beautiful, but at the same time an extreme necessity in our daily life. Yes, he has designed a bracelet phone. It’s a fully functional phone which is wearable on your wrist like a bracelet. It looks like a luxury jewel with diamond like keystrokes. You can take it off from your wrist easily when you receive a phone call or a message. And listening to MP3 from your bracelet phone would be super fun. You won’t have to hold it on you palm. It will be fixed to your wrist. Nothing can be more convenient than that. I am sure these bracelet phones are going to be cool trends in coming months and jewellery designers will be making phone bracelets out of gold, silver and platinum. Interesting, ain’t it!

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