Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Matchbox Art

Things are made big and bold to draw attention. But sometimes tiny-mini artistic creations are much more eye-catchy than the bigger ones.

This Matchbox art is an unparallel project by Richard Meier and Sophie Meier. What we can see here are the miniature pieces of art created by 64 independent artists – they are designers, photographers, graphic designers and stylists. Squeezing every piece into matchbox size is a real challenge; but the tougher the task, the more passion it involves. Isn’t it? And the combined effort is bound to be amazing!

I got very interested in it because this makes me recall what we used to play as kids. For our doll’s house televisions were made out of matchboxes. It included a picture-roll of only 6-7 images that we could create. Perhaps, Richard and Sophie’s art has developed from that sort of childhood memories……may be!

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