Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Silk- n-Shine Hair Expert

It’s few months since I am using Silk-n-Shine hair potion. Of course not daily, but occasionally. And seems it’s working quite good!

To speak the truth I have a very bad quality of hair – dry, dull and thin.....kind of unmanageable you can say. Last time while my trip to Bangalore we had a plan to travel the more we can. There are so many nice places around and I love visiting them, but my hair gets worse day by day. I avoid oil because it makes my hair look even more thinner.

Only shampoo is not enough. Then Silk n shine came to my thought bought one travel pack. It’s smooth to touch on palm, and so for hairs too. Leaves a nice very light aroma. Thank God it’s not sticky like oil. A little amount is fine. Enriched with fruits vitamins which are food for hairs. After shampooing I use few drops whenever I go out. Gradually my hair is recovering ..... feels good!

Silk-n-shine by Marico (India) is a nice pick. I suggest it for all working ladies whose hairs are constantly damaged by dust, heavy hot air and sunray etc. If you have a better solution or already using this please tell me!


  1. Nice blog!


  2. I am not a hair expert but you need a extra care of your hair and health, use parasuteadvensed Coconut based hair oil penetrates deeper than other oils,



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