Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Is Your Glass Of Wine Today?

Wanna enjoy wine like a Diva? You serve or you drink, do it in the right way!

The wine-food pairing is an art; a part of table manners we can say. Be the expert and make your guests feel happy to the utmost! Some wine can enhance the taste of particular types of food while some other wines can destroy the entire menu. A wine can be soft or firm, light or heavy, crisp or creamy, sweet or dry. So let’s know about the right wine that complements our food choice.

Red wine pairing:
Among most popular red wine varieties, Merlot is a good wine if you want to get introduced to wine tasting. It’s a soft and dry (not sweet) wine which goes well with any food as long as it’s not too light in flavour. Heavy red Zinfandel can be paired with tomato sauce pastas, pizzas, grilled meat. Pinot Noir varieties are made from one of the noblest red wine grapes, difficult to grow, excellent with grilled salmon, chicken and lamb and soft cheeses. Cabernet Sauvignon are widely accepted as one of the best varieties, best with simply prepared red meat.

White wine pairing:
I love white wine with cheese & fruits. Among most popular white wine varieties, Chardonnay works well when combined with chicken or fish dished and some pasta dishes which has got some cream or mushrooms in them. Riesling is a wonderful wine to mix with seafood and salads. This is a slightly sweet and light to medium bodied. You can also combine it with pork. Sauvignon Blanc is generally lighter than Chardonnay, very flavourful when paired with seafood, poultry and salads. Gewurztraminer, pronounced as Gah-vurtz-tra-meener, a very aromatic variety, ideal with Asian food, pork and grilled sausages.

Pink wine pairing:
Pink wines are lightly sweet and fruity; tastes better with Mexican food. Some of the examples of pink wines are, True Rose, Blush wine, White Zinfandel, Blanc de Noir and Sparkling pink Champagne. These wines should be bought fresh, not like red wine which tastes better with age.

Let’s treat your winey appetite!


  1. This post is for my husband ;-)he would certainly enjoy reading this post

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Great!
    Then it must be intresting for both of you!



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