Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Light Painting Dresses by Alina Ene

Doesn’t that look like powerful lightening in the middle of darkest moody clouds? You might have heard of screen printing, block printing, digital printing or fabric painting on clothes. But light painting dresses! Sounds impossible right? This innovative design is brought into fashion by a Romanian fashion designer Alina Ene. With the help of Romanian Photographer Dan-Andrei Paraschiv, the talented designer created magic on clothes which is absolutely noteworthy.

Now you might be wondering what is Light Painting ?

Well, this is a photographic technique in which, exposures are made in darkened room by moving a hand held light source and the light track is captured by a camera. Then the images are transposed onto dresses. The outcome is effortlessly amazing. The cuts and silhouettes also stylishly complement the artistic patterns. Alina Ene’s light painted dresses are truly inspiring for young designers.

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