Friday, March 4, 2011

Roaman's Sexy Sleepwear

Being a middle-aged woman, a mom to teenage-kids and busy housewife sometimes you may feel shy to wear those tiny-mini strapless lingerie once you loved a lot. Reason? Unable to maintain a slim figure and little extra weight makes us uncomfortable in many clothes. But why make a compromise with the sexy spirit you still own? A perfectly designed nightwear can help you look gorgeous! I am so happy to get this plus size sleepwear from Roaman’s . There is everything you want and specially created to suit your shape, age and mood.

This is a lovely nylon Short Tricot and Lace Peignoir Set. To me, French lilac shade is the most stunning one; though there is also red and black options available. It has stretchable lace bodies with alike cuffs and pockets. Thanks to One Stop Plus for making me feel pretty again!


  1. Yeah it's true for being a mother you have no time to your self specially in a sexy figure body! I think I try this one, a sexy sleepwear. Thanks for sharing.

  2. And the good thing is, it's gentle, decent. Will suit best to almost all ladies, no need to be a slim teen.



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