Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fruit Fashion Is Back Again

Rediscovering the fruit-passion, this is fruit-fashion! Hehe :)

Banana is good to eat, but I came to know that banana is good to wear to. What I am talking is not about kids’ fashion, but it’s all for we chic ladies. While reading Santy’s banana article I never knew they can look so cute in dresses as well. You must have appreciated nail arts with fruit prints. Now make it little bigger so that ready to wear and walk. These are vivid presentation of some of my favorite fruits – grapefruits, pear and banana.

Even sexy bikini, tops and mini dress can look amazing in tropical fruit patterns. I like this, for they make me feel luscious when I am thirsty or hungry.

My suggestion – Bring out some fruity sketch/stamp or search them in your kid’s drawer. Why not redesign your old T-shirt with some lovely vibrant apple, pineapple or lime prints?



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