Monday, February 28, 2011

Guess What's The Largest Herb In The Earth?

It’s BANANA! .....Quite surprising, right? A plant lacking a permanent woody stem is known to be herb and banana grows on plants that are giant herbs. Banana snack is the great source of nutritional energy; rich in potassium along with other vitamins and minerals. With compared to an apple it has twice the vitamins and minerals, five times iron, twice the carbohydrates and four times the protein.

Feeling sad? Let’s have one banana. It’s the perfect mood-booster for the tryptophan contains. While we are at stress, the potassium level reduces and one can be rebalanced by having banana snacks. Also potassium helps regulates our body’s water balance, supply oxygen to the brain and normalize the heartbeat. Study says, a regular eater of banana cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%. Banana is a natural remedy for many ills. One good fact I must tell you....if you are still struggling to quit smoking, banana can help you the most. Bananas not just detoxify the body it’s also useful in the treatment of different drug addiction.

I wonder why don’t Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse try it out :)


  1. Wow I never knew all these benefits! Bananas became sooo popular here in Japan when people started eating them for breakfast and lost weight. There used to be sections in bookstores dedicated to the Banana Diet books haha


  2. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful information of banana. Would include it as my regular diet.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Great! I would love to read those books.
    Banana is easily available, so we can have it anytime :)

  4. haha great!:D I didn't know about this :)

  5. We take banana as dessert after need of artificial sweetener. haha



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