Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Lips’ Art

What should we call when something is neither cute nor cool but quite interesting? Look at these lips art ~ or lip fashion you may define as ~ which will definitely set us aback for a moment! I was wondering what will happen if you want to kiss your boyfriend in this way? Hahahaha!

So far, I have been habituated to funny/geek/crazy fashion, but only as some sort of nailart and body art except clothing. Love panda and crab is tasty, but not in this way. What you think, who is wearing this and for what occasion? Well, I don’t know….it’s just utterly, bitterly tasteless!

Just stopped by Fashion By He!


  1. not craze it's an art. very nice!!

  2. whoah sooo cute!and a great inspiration!maybe i'll make one of this too^^

  3. Yes! Certainly a good design/art. But I'm very shy to wear on my lips!

    Fit for a girly-fun-party :)

  4. This is too cute... Thanks for following my blog...

    I'm your follower now...



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