Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scary or funny: A mysterious skull tattoo

Love or hate? Can you please help me understand what this strange tattoo mean?

I guess you wouldn't love to receive a red rose in this way! To me this looks like a horror movie poster...... but no. It's a tattoo on the arm.LOL! We may get shocked with such a question, but for some it’s the best way to convey love (at least for this guy). A skull with crossed bones is the symbol of most dangerous thing- stay away from it! One the other hand, a rose stands for affection, beauty and delicacy. This tattoo is a fusion of both. And just look at the artistic floral carvings on the skull. This is beautiful but mysterious to think about. The tattoo narrates a ghostly love story that belongs to the other world. Of course, man can die, but not the heart of love!

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    Best for those who wishes to be hated.



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