Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Nail Art: Tutorial!

Hi guys, happy Valentine’s day!

So here goes my nailpolish design for the Valentine's Day. Except makeup and accessories, what catches one’s attention at first is the beautiful nails you have. So why keep it flat? Let’s decorate with varieties of colors! Well, just writing one short tutorial of the cute design I’m wearing!

What I have used are 4 nail polishes in all. First a base coat with transparent polish. Then, shiny glittery silver nail polish. For a vibrant effect, give a slant touch of tiffany-blue nailpolish on one side. Let it dry properly. With the finest brush you have, make one red heart shape on the middle. When it dries out, give a final coat of enamel to protect the design. Hope you like it :)


  1. Cute mani!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back now.


  2. so cute! =)
    join my Stila giveaway!!!

  3. thx for the comment!^^ hahaha

  4. very pretty nails,colours&design,I love it

    Thanx 4passing by my blog&following hun,I appreciate it. Now following u too,U hav a gr8 blog

  5. cute nails for valentines! thanks for following, i followed you back! =)

  6. They look so cute!! You're so creative! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxoo



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