Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It’s Definitely Too Sweet To Eat!

How about sharing a bite of your sweet with bees? Like it or hate it- the design is such & obviously unique! If you are missing flies & bees in your garden or kitchen, have this sweet nearby. (LOL!) Actually, this delicious honey-pistachio frozen parfait dessert is inspired by Richard Avedon’s Photograph “Beekeeper”, 1981. Beautifully decorated with bee-emblazoned white-chocolate-cardamom sheets.

Wanna have a bite?

Design Sponge Online


  1. omg for a second i thought they were actual bees!

  2. Really?
    That's what it's meant for! A sudden suprize for the foodie hungry fellow

  3. I like it, however far to good to eat.

  4. I hope it must be good to eat (b'coz it's choco-sweets), but first what you need to do is just close your eyes. Lol!!!

  5. Haha! Yeah, this would require eyes closed for me since I'm a very visual person and real or not, I'll still believe I'm eating bees

  6. Great! Abi,then you must try these sweet-bees...Hahahaha!



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