Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Small And Cute Tattoos

Some people never have a single tattoo because it’s hard to remove (like me). If you want to own one name tattoo, think twice….relations are subject to break! Lol! And if you want to sport one entire scene, story or song, think several times…that body part is going to be fully occupied for all time to come! No more new fashion to enjoy!

But what I like is this small and cute one-subject tattoos. Like those Alyssa Milano has inked. It’s good because you can have as many as you like. Everytime your latest crush changes…and so do the new tattoos. Moreover these are more attractive for being one unique design on the clear skin. Look, how beautifully Alyssa has inked her neck, wrist, back, legs and lower belly….let’s see what she’ll have after being a mom (Alyssa Milano is pregnant & I hope you know that by now)!

Alyssa's leg tattoos


  1. i love alissa milano, she has beatiful smile and great personality!

  2. Yes, she has a nice figure. I love small tattoos - In that way you can have varieties :)



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