Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organic clothing by Barley and Birch

Would you love to eat pesticides drenched food? (Well, sometimes I feel like enjoying the flies & bees- contaminated’s sweeter than sweets! Haha!) Then why wear clothing that is made with harmful chemicals? At least keep your kiddo away from them! Varieties of synthetic fabrics are out there in the market and we are charmed by how bright it looks. Such clothes are harmful for both: our skin & our environment.

But there is always a way out. Thanks to Kyle Smitley, founder of Barley and Birch who makes 100% organic cotton clothes: equally safe for the wearer and the worker! Moreover they use water-based ink that doesn’t pollute the earth. For the time, it’s dedicated to kids’ clothes, but hopes to design for all very soon.

Hey, just one more good fact to tell you- the company donates 15 % of its profits to renewable energy and 15% in carbon reducing initiatives.


  1. organic clothing sound great hun,thanks for sharing

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