Monday, February 21, 2011

James Custom-Made Terrariums

Ok! I know you love traveling, but what if busy schedule doesn’t allow you to go out? How can you refresh the eyes by watching something natural? Getting tired of all that artificial stuff scattered inside the four walls? Bring a miniature landscape to home!

James custom-made terrariums are the perfect example of miniature landscape design for home decor. Jeff Schneider, founder of JAMES Modern Terrariums, works with the clients to design one-of-a-kind tirrariums for their specific needs according to their spaces. Everything from the shapes of the glass vessels to the types of plants, are designed as per client's requirements.
As per shapes of glass containers are concerned, Jeff takes inspiration from nature such as gourds, pebbles, mushrooms, fungi, legumes and beans, anything that has got beautiful curves. Earlier he was using readymade glass cubes, vessels or vases for his terrariums. Jeff has endless shapes; created many new designs using varieties of plants and materials. The bottom of the terrariums are filled with one and a half inch layer of active charcoal. This keeps soil fresh and protects from growth of fungus and mold. A layer of sand and stones are used on top for decorative purposes.

James modern terrariums, that may represent a forest in northwest, a Zen garden in Japan, a tropical forest in South Africa or a wetland, are definitely going to transform the spaces of modern interiors.

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