Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steampunk Biomech Goggles With Devil Eyes

To make all your dreams (scary nightmares) come true, here is the latest Steampunk goggles with protruded devil eyes. Perhaps, it has some resemblance with the monstrous characters of Pirates of the Caribbean….I feel so at the first sight! In my childhood I saw a blind man with such big, protruded original eyes (diseased) and it was terrifying, but now people imitate that for style & fun.....seems like fit to wear in a real-world Dead Island :)

With contrast to its heavy-metal look, X-131 cast steampunk goggles are lightweight, hence comfortably wearable. It’s completely hand-painted and used vintage vacuum tubes along with the glass animal eyes. You’ll lose vision on the right eye while wearing….so be sure to have the left eye sound enough! Lol! For the time being, it’s sold out in the first day. So wait or order at miss monster. It’s only $72! Good deal!

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  1. Thanks for the comment :)
    I've only just become familiar with Steampunk... my friend is having a Steampunk themed wedding!! I don't know how those particular goggles would fit with the theme though! Scary!!!

    Great blog! Following you xx



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