Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How To Stay Away From Addiction

Yesterday, while at a nearby shop I saw a 10-year-old boy (I guess) asking for a cigarette. Of course he said it’s for elder brother, but I don’t believe the way he talked. I can understand this is because of bad company, ignorance or unable to foresee the health hazards. But I feel extremely sorry for those who are spoiling every bit of their success for the sake of wrong addiction. Yes, right now who I have in mind is Lindsay Lohan. Poor lady!.....since a couple of months she is undergoing treatment at the famous Betty Ford Centre, a legendary and respected alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic in Rancho Mirage, California (there is a long list of celebs treated at B.F.). She plans to maintain strict sobriety, though she's about come back after a week.....best of luck from my side!

As teenagers and adults are more vulnerable to develop this sort of addiction, here are few tips to be in self-control. I don’t ask you to leave it at once. It’s good enough just to enjoy them, but don’t let them enjoy your life being spoiled!

· Don’t run the crazy race of glamour! It makes you impatience and takes the shelter of addiction.
· A restless and lazy mind is always weaker than the rest, so sleep comfortably.
· Partying is great way to have fun with friends, but not daily. It not just drags you closer to alcohol and drug, but also wastes your potential and drives you restless.
· If you mix with strangers, find out & adapt what’s good about their them.
· Every morning, get up early and concentrate few minutes on what you are, what you want to achieve and how far you have proceeded.
· Take a balanced diet – fresh fruits, vegetables and salad are must along with other stuff. These things bring freshness to mind.
· Have confidence in yourself, a strong mind is less affected by the negative forces.
· Have faith in the Supreme God – take his shelter in the time of depression, stress and anxiety; no need for addiction!


  1. Great post :D I come from a family where almost everyone smoked. And when I say smoked, I mean smoked A LOT. My classmates used to tell me that I smell smokey and accused me of smoking. I used to run out to go buy cigarettes for my parents, relatives, family friends. And it was so easy because Japan sells cigarettes in vending machines (now you need a special ID card to use it). I'm so happy everyone managed to quit!! I have no idea how they did it tho, they were such heavy smokers for so many years!! So proud of them :)


  2. It's very natural to have the addiction in a family where it's so common.
    Yes, you must feel proud: Me too, happy for those who managed to quit, not at all easy :)

  3. people advice a lot
    but i find it impossible to give up completely



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